20 Seconds of Pleasure - CD

20 Seconds of Pleasure - CD

20 Seconds of Pleasure is third Electric Bonsai Band (Andrew Ratshin) release, and was recorded live at Triad Studios and various venues around the country. This recording is a collection of 20-Second songs (so named because they take only 20 seconds to perform), 40-Second songs (similar to 20-Second songs but.... well, you know.. .40 seconds long), and a bonus "Doug" song, "Doug's First Job."


Remastered for CD in October, 2018, this recording now includes a number of 20/40-second songs that weren't available on the original cassette. (The CD also includes the "secret" bonus track: 40 Second Song for Electric Bonsai Band, written and performed by David Wilcox.)

1.   Intro/Baby
2.   The Gym Dance
3.   The Airplane: Part One
4.   The Automobile  0:26
5.   Doug's First Job Intro
6.   Doug's First Job
7.   If God Went To My High School
8.   Roseanna Arquette
9.   The Blind Date: Part Two
10.  The Golf Course
11.  Doug's Second Proposal
12.  The Movie Theatre: Part One
13.  40-Second Song for David Wilcox
14.  The Emergence of Political Thought: 1960-1990
15.  The Blind Date: Part One
16.  The Diaper Song
17.  Blugrass Festival/Folk Festival/Folk Musician in a Bar
18.  Four-Letter Words
19.  Buddha Boy
20.  The Movie Theatre: Parts Two & Three
21.  The Weatherman
   Secret Bonus Track
22.  40-Second Song For Electric Bonsai Band* (David Wilcox)

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