The First Ever Yellow Tail Sampler

The First Ever Yellow Tail Sampler
Released in 1995, The First Ever Yellow Tail Sampler features selections from a number of early Yellow Tail Releases. This CD (or cassette!) features Electric Bonsai Band, Uncle Bonsai (circa 1988), Mel Cooleys, Patrice O'Neill, Hilary Field, and Geísa Dutra.

Artists and Songs include:

Electric Bonsai Band

  • If You're An Angel (Dancing on Graves)

  • That's What Dreams Are For

  • I Am My Dad

  • Comfort Me

  • Baby

Uncle Bonsai
  • Suzy

  • Isaac's Lament

  • Bedroom Eyes

  • Doug At His Mom's

  • Family Restaurant

Mel Cooleys
  • Welcome To The New World

  • Two Men

  • Leave Me

Patrice O'Neill
  • Eleodora

  • When Autumn Calls

Hilary Field
  • Afro Cuban Lullaby

  • Danza Brasilera

Geísa Dutra
  • Asturias from Cantos de España (Albénia)

  • Brejeiro (Nazareth)

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