The Complete Uncle Bonsai

The Complete Uncle Bonsai
A box set, featuring the first five Uncle Bonsai compact disc releases. This special discount package includes: The Inessential Uncle Bonsai, Myn Ynd Wymyn, Doug, Plain Brown Wrapper, and the Sponge Boy CD Single. This collection of original Uncle Bonsai recordings is offered at a great discount. For the truly complete Uncle Bonsai, we offer the discs in this collection, along with Boys Want Sex in the Morning, A Lonely Grain of Corn,Apology, The Grim Parade, and The Family Feast, that's 8 ads and a cd single, on sale at the moment for only 115.

*Please note: The Inessential Uncle Bonsai is currently out of print. This compilation CD contained alternate live versions of most of the songs from the first two Uncle Bonsai releases, A Lonely Grain of Corn and Boys Want Sex in the Morning. Ordering the Complete Uncle Bonsai set will now include these two releases in place of the other.
Retail: $85.00
On Sale: $75.00
You Save: 12%

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