Premieres: Contemporary Lyrical Works for the Classical Guitar, Hilary Field's upcoming release, features new music by contemporary composers that celebrates the natural lyrical, rhythmic, and harmonic beauty of the classical guitar, offering the poetry of music for future generations. 

From the liner notes:

"The composers on this disc were all born in the twentieth century in various parts of the world. As I was studying the music for this CD, I was struck by the universal nature of the language of music, and the influence of the past on the art of the present. In Vals by Moonlight from Suite Latina, Australian composer Richard Charlton offers an homage to the great Venezuelan guitar composer Antonio Lauro. Jorge Morel from Argentina honors Bach in Suite for Olga, and echoes of the great German Baroque master are also heard within Russian composer Nadia Boríslova’s Preludio, as well as in the fugal interlude of Reluctant Farewell by Rick Sowash of the USA. In Retrato Antiguo, Chilean Alberto Cumplido writes in the memory of the great lutenist and composer of the English Renaissance, John Dowland. Northeastern Lullaby by Douglas Lora and Mimose by Victor Kioulaphides are works evocative of their respective homelands, from the endless fields of Brazil to the fragrance of the Mediterranean breeze. The lilting rhythms of Gerard Drozd’s Berceuse Op. 56 are colored with a contemporary palette of harmonies. My own rendition of a traditional lullaby reflects on the struggle and sadness of generations of Sephardim. In each of the works on this CD, one can hear the voice of the individual composer, the art and nature that surrounds them, as well as the influence of the past on the present. - Hilary Field"

Total Time: 56:02
Release Date: September 15, 2015
Liner notes include each composer's notes about their pieces, along with biographical materials.

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