Almost Home

Almost Home

Almost Home is a rich collection of original and standard tunes from accordion master David Lange. The music ranges from Django gypsy jazz to classic Brazilian tunes to beautifully rendered folk melodies, all richly arranged by Lange and featuring a variety of musical configurations with accordion at the heart of every piece.  

We're often asked what music is playing before our concerts, and/or during the intermission . . . this is it! An unbelievable collection of pieces, both original and familiar, played by David Lange and a supporting cast of just the best musicians around. How much do we like this recording? Well, we take it with us to every venue, play it before every show, and it's the only non-Yellow Tail recording available on this site. If that isn't an endorsement, I don't know what is! Take a chance . . if you don't like it, you can always return it for a full refund. That's an easy guarantee 'cause no one's every returned it! - Andrew Ratshin, Uncle Bonsai  

First, some mp3 samples: 

Almost Home    
I Remember You    
Homenagem A Pixinguinha


Produced and Engineered by David Lange 

  • David Lange, Petosa AM-1100 accordion, Guerrini accordion, piano 
  • Pearl Django:
  •     Neil Andersson, lead guitar, rhythm guitar 
  •     Michael Gray, violin
  •     Rick Leppanen, bass
  •     Greg Ruby, rhythm guitar, 7-string guitar 
  • Tom Armstrong, pandeiro 
  • Keith Arneson, banjo
  • Cary Black, bass
  • Jeff Busch, percussion 
  • Mark Ivester, drums
  • Orville Johnson, dobro and rhythm guitar 
  • Keith Lowe, bass
  • John Miller, guitar 
  • John Reischman, mandolin
  • Hans Teuber, alto sax, clarinet
Our Price: $15.00

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