The Family Feast

The Family Feast


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 "The Family Feast: The Study of the Human Condition, First World Problems, and the Lasting Physiological and Psychological Effects of Eating Our Young" is the latest release from the group Uncle Bonsai. Now celebrating 36 years, the group continues tackle topics such as first-world problems, the creation of the universe, the afterlife, and, of course, holidays with the family.

This recording includes:
  • Brand New World
  • Problems
  • Bat
  • The Family Feast (live)
  • In The End (live)
  • New Jobs for America (An Ode to Teachers) (live)
  • The Rise and Fall of an Inevitable Clown (live)
  • Big Happy Family (live)
  • Seasonal Work (A Song for the Holidays)
  • Modern Medicine (Old Man Arms)
  • The Monster in the Closet
  • Go To Sleep

Singers Ratshin, O'Neill and Adler are pitch-perfect in their delivery of often complex harmonic arrangements. And if there were an Ella Fitzgerald Award for Exquisite Elocution in Song, they would surely get it. The trio officially bills itself as a "folk" outfit, but has none of the naiveté that label might suggest. These are nicely edgy, sour-sweet songs, written for grown-ups. - Michael Upchurch, The Seattle Times.

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