Uncle Bonsai Covid Mask

Uncle Bonsai Covid Mask
Uncle Bonsai Covid Mask
Uncle Bonsai Covid Mask
*****SOLD OUT*****
If you're interested in a mask, please email info@yellowtailrecords.com and let us know. If there's enough interest, we'll order more fabric.

Uncle Bonsai: 38 Years of Social Distancing

During these times of social distancing and quarantine, people still need to go out to get basic goods and services. Since you should be wearing a mask, if not to protect yourself then to protect others, why not share your love of the group Uncle Bonsai, a group that's been socially distant for over 38 years?

The masks are handmade from Calico Cotton, double-layered, pleated, and have a pocket for filters. We'll even throw in a few extra filters for you! Masks are pink, with a small logo, and the words: Uncle Bonsai - 38 Years of Social Distancing.

Masks are 15 dollars each, including First Class shipping and a special button extender to attach mask behind the head instead of behind the ears; supply is extremely limited.

(Please don't wait, if you want a mask . . . we order fabric based on need.)

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