The Grim Parade

The Grim Parade
The Grim Parade, the first new Uncle Bonsai release in almost 10 years, is a collection of live and studio performances that represent unflinching portrayals of life, love, and a guy named Doug. Song’s like “The Baby’s Head,” “The Fish is in the Freezer,” “Loving Tommy,” “Where’s My Puppy?” and 10 others, focus on the passing of time, the passing of genes, and the passing of pets -- the truth of everything seemingly buried somewhere under the family tree.

This recording includes:
  • The Grim Parade
  • The Fish is in the Freezer
  • Loving Tommy
  • Theme Song (live)
  • Anne (live)
  • I Would Come Back (live)
  • The Baby's Head (live)
  • Precious Mime (live)
  • Skin Deep (live)
  • The Devil You Know
  • Half of the People
  • Where's My Puppy (Doug's Resurrection: Part 1)
  • Heaven on Earh (Doug's Resurrection: Part 2)
  • Doug's Greatest Christmas Ever (bonus track)

Singers Ratshin, O'Neill and Adler are pitch-perfect in their delivery of often complex harmonic arrangements. And if there were an Ella Fitzgerald Award for Exquisite Elocution in Song, they would surely get it. The trio officially bills itself as a "folk" outfit, but has none of the naiveté that label might suggest. These are nicely edgy, sour-sweet songs, written for grown-ups. - Michael Upchurch, The Seattle Times.
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